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Sends out fake messages to you
Sends out fake messages to you..always good looking and within 10 to 15 miles. i always reply and give them an email to answer..they never do. I payed with paypal and put my fee in dispute. Anastasiadate provided no emails for help or discloses that you have to buy “coins” to meet people close by for the most part.
celonasg - October 2, 2019
Complete scam
Complete scam. Paid up 1 month subscription to find out there is an additional fee on top. After a few days I lost ability to send messages unless I gave them my phone number which I wasn’t going to do cause by then I decided I don’t trust them. Ended up cancelling my visa card cause I don’t trust them at all.
kleeburgl4 - October 1, 2019
People are not real only bots
People are not real only bots. Try it and see. The fake bots ask you to write then don’t get back to you
greenwaysqd - September 27, 2019
Waste of time and money
Okay well I think it’s a lot about hookups and genuine men. Waste of time and money and will see if it’s genuine
stutonowytx - September 27, 2019
You cant view your messages or contact anyone unless you subscribe! It wont let you choose any other option for deactivating your account except for that you found someone, almost like they dont want you to deactivate for any other reason! stupid!
otovorim93 - September 25, 2019
Chinalove canceled my subscription with no reason
Chinalove canceled my subscription with no reason why. I have 3 months left that I paid for. No answer/response from Chinalove what so ever. Will not even help to restore my account. The site is okay, but customer service forget about it.
zeneziniv1 - September 22, 2019
Bumble is the worst dating website
Bumble is the worst dating website available. Matches are horrible! If you do happen to find an inter profile I believe they are fake. You have no ability to see if a member reads your message unless you spend more money to verify the message was read. They never are read!!! Huge ripoff. Don’t waist your time or money.
nutrescf1 - September 21, 2019
I've tried
I’ve tried and it was waste of money and time. Many members didn’t reply to my messages. But those who did, only once, and after my replies didn’t reply back.
ta1pht4 - September 5, 2019
AmoLatina is a big trap
I have tried to unsubscribe on their web site and written several unsubscribe e-mails, but they will just not let you off the hook. These people are real scammers, so unless you want to see €10 disappear from your account every month, don’t get in because you will not be able to get out, unless you block your credit card!
david-paul - September 4, 2019
Eharmony is the WORST dating site out there
Eharmony is the WORST dating site out there!!!! I had my account hacked into; called Eharmony and was SHOCKED they didn’t offer either a partial or total refund, or even extend an extra month for the inconvenience. Nope–not the LEAST bit concerned, acted as if it was no big deal. They are obviously only concerned with money; they utilize Tons of FAKE profiles, you MUST have your “story” approved by admin, and doesn’t one just LOVE the NO RESPONSES from the majority of any person you either like or send a comment to? I believe the people they collect money from are as RUDE as Eharmony is. I will NEVER utilize them again. Do NOT and I mean do N O T pay for ANYTHING extra.
ozturkq1 - September 2, 2019
Fix this issue
After i decided to close my account few month ago, i tried recently open an account again and every time i just get auto ban i tried to contact them and they just dont give any useful information why, just general violation of terms so i am just getting banned again and again without option to fix this issue.
redindimekz - September 2, 2019
Slightly expensive
I must say that the site has beautiful girls but I gotta say you’d be paying some amount of money to purchase credits by all means if you have a bit of cash to splash then go for it but just be wisely on the site also
sablutsw - September 2, 2019 is a scam,trust me.
This site is just a La Cosa Nostra-like operation. The worker slaves are the girls or some guy filling in for some woman. All you need to watch is while you are video chatting or being hosed out via their live cam chats. Once, I was talking to a female fleecer and she had a big smile followed in an instant by this poorly edited switch to a serious, poker faced faker. You cannot change a happy brightly smiling expression and in less than a nanosecond, look like you just were read your Miranda warning
atorrelheru - August 30, 2019
Elitesingles was a complete waste of my time and money.
This website is NOT screening the matches they send to you. I was looking for a lesbian match and was being sent pictures of men looking for women and pictures of women who are looking for a man. I’m looking for a woman with some of education at a college level and receive matches of women with only a primary education level. Trust me there is NOTHING elite about this site if you’re a lesbian looking for the same. I can honestly say this site was a complete waste of my time and money.
gulbruneg - August 3, 2019
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