From the first day of your stay on an international dating Foreigners site, you can not make a single mistake and meet your betrothed. But, if men do not write to you, do not show interest in your profile, then something is wrong with it (in most cases, something is wrong with the profile photos), triptogether then you need to reconsider your actions (what you have done and continue to to do in order to meet a foreigner?).

Why don’t men write to me? – Dating Foreigners

The main reason is bad profile photos. Men are not attracted to the main photo of your profile and, as a result, they do not even open it. Or, if they opened your profile, they could be “scared off” by unsuccessful additional photos of the profile. Read more about this in the article Dating Foreigners “How men view women’s profiles on an international dating site” .

Other reasons:

  • The presence of a language barrier. In the event that a woman indicated in the questionnaire knowledge of only Russian. A foreigner may be put off by the prospect of communicating through an electronic translator.
  • Too short hair and masculine haircut.
  • Excessive requirements for the candidate. To his external data, age, financial situation.
  • Men consider a woman too beautiful and therefore inaccessible. They do not write because they think that they have too many competitors and, therefore, they cannot count on the success of the acquaintance.

International dating is a trial and error method – Dating Foreigners

Realise and accept your mistakes! If foreigners do not write to you, then something is wrong, then you most likely need to reconsider your actions.

Study the reaction of men to your actions, to your photos, to your profile and letters. Please understand that your photos may appeal to you and your girlfriends, but they may not delight foreigners. And, if the man in the photo did not like you, he will not write to you / will not answer your letter. A man will not get acquainted with a woman who does not like him, does not attract him physically.

The criteria by which men and women evaluate each other’s profiles on a dating site are different. Men “look” at your pictures differently. They will be attracted to your happy smile, but they will not pay attention to the brand of your clothes, to your “trained” posture or facial expression in front of the mirror, the presence or absence of jewellery, or the tone of eye shadow. Looking  closely at your image, a foreigner will see happiness or sadness, lightness or a heavy burden of life’s problems.


What can you do?

Regularly change the main photo of your profile until you find one that men like. We gave general tips for choosing photos in the section “Selecting photos for a dating site” , however. The external data of each woman, the quality of her pictures, the ratio of light and shadow in each individual photo, are individual. So you must independently, without prejudice, evaluate the attractiveness of your photos for men (understand their reaction in practice by changing the photos in your profile).

“Experiment” with your first letter to a man.

Go to the dating site more often and write to the men you are interest in.

Only in this way, having studied the reaction of foreign gentlemen (to your photos, to your words, to your actions on an international dating site ), can you understand how best to fill out your profile, what first letter makes men want to answer

Much comes with experience – Dating Foreigners

Communicate with different foreign gentlemen in order to understand their mentality . After all, they really do not look like Slavic men (not only outwardly, but also in their view of relationships, their attitude towards a woman). Communication with different men will help you understand what you want from a relationship, what is paramount for you in a relationship, Dating Foreigners and what you could put up with or what you could “sacrifice” for the sake of a relationship.

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Will my efforts pay off?

Can someone give a “guarantee” that your efforts will pay off? No undertaking can have a 100% guarantee of success. However, you gain dating experience and increase your chances of meeting an interesting foreigner. You are on the move towards your goal and along the way you acquire useful skills (communication skills, meeting experience, understanding people, understanding the train of thought of the opposite sex). Doing nothing and blaming circumstances, third parties, of course, is convenient, but by no means productive.

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