Your First Date

Your First Date Many men do not know how to recognize when a first date has been a success. Women are often enigmatic and difficult to decipher. With my experience I will try to help you in this matter. Keep reading.

Learn to recognize the subtle signs of a successful first date

Your first date is over. You have each gone home, with a moderate hangover, and it is time to look back and think about whether it went well or badly. More or less you should know, but in case SharekAlomre you are not sure, here I show you nine signs that one way or the other, will give you the answer. These are the signs to know if a date went well or not.

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1. It ended with a kiss – Your First Date

If your date ended with a willing kiss, and well executed, you can be content. It is the most obvious sign that the date went well. A kiss on the first date indicates not only that the other person found the Date amusing, but that they find you physically attractive. There is not much to add really.

2. He ended up with a plan to see you again

Even if the date didn’t end with a kiss, if you’ve arranged to see each other again and she seems eager to see you again, that’s a sure sign of success. Many serious relationships are born from first dates that do not end with physical contact, so if there was no kiss, do not despair. If you liked each other and she wants to see you again, you can check the “successful” box.

3. You ended up in bed

There are a lot of old-fashioned rules that say you should never sleep together on the first date, but if you really like each other and end up in bed together, what’s wrong? It is not something SharekAlomre.Com that will destroy the relationship in the long run. Many casual dates end in relationships that last more than one night, and if nothing else comes of it, think about the good. You both had a good time and there’s no collateral damage.

These are the easiest cases. But what happens when there are such concrete signs?

4. You made her laugh (and vice versa) – Your First Date

Whether you managed to make her smile or laugh out loud, you did very well. Having a similar sense of humor and laughing at the same things is one of the best things in life, so if this was the only thing you could get out of your date, count it as a win.

Do not think that my attitude is too optimistic. It is not. Not all dates end in romance and fireworks, so if you at least had a good time it’s a good sign for the future.

5. You couldn’t stop talking to each other – Your First Date

Regardless of whether or not you had physical contact, if you got along really well and couldn’t stop talking to each other, that’s a great sign. Having a good conversation with your partner is essential and the foundation of a successful relationship, so you can definitely assume your first date went well if the conversation flowed naturally for hours.

6. The conversation continues days later

One of the best signs that your first date went well is if there have been subsequent conversations. For example, if she told you to watch a video on YouTube and a few days later she sends you the link on the phone, it means that she remembers you and that she would like to keep in touch.

And what if there were none of these signs on your first date? It was a failure? Not necessarily…

7. You had a good time – Your First Date

If the date did not end with a kiss, in bed, or a plan to see you again, it does not mean that it was a failure. You could see a good movie, have a friendly chat or anything else. If so, I see it as something positive. It’s very simple.

8. You learned something new

Let’s say things went wrong. The date was a disaster. You spilled your beer on her, you accidentally messed with her family, or she got hopelessly bored.

At least now you know what not to do, especially not to give up. There are tons of women you can date, so don’t worry too much about “screwing up” with one in particular.

9. You tried something new

First dates are great excuses to go to new trendy restaurants or do something you haven’t done in a while, like play miniature golf or go to an amusement park. Make sure you enjoy a good dinner and have a good time.

Of course, the date may have gone wrong but not because of you, but because she was the worst: rude, believed and with nothing in common with you. That means that you have acquired the necessary information to know what you don’t want in a relationship. So on that side, it’s also a good thing.


Many first dates don’t end in success, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t worth it. Enjoying a good meal, laughing or learning something new about yourself also counts. There’s a lot to discover and experience in dates that don’t turn into lasting relationships, so look for the bright side even if your date doesn’t turn out like in the movies.

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