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Interpersonal relationships are an integral part of our lives. What is Jealousy on our way, we meet different people and make various acquaintances. It may be that we get along easily with virtually everyone. It also happens that it is very difficult for us to make friends and trust another person. FlirtWith When we get into a relationship with someone, there are also different situations in this close relationship.

Much depends on the duration of the Relationship, the personality of our partner, or our personal, previous experiences. It cannot be denied that we often perceive our relationships through the prism of past events. It’s hard to start with a new clean slate. Often it is the past that determines our present and future. If we have been disappointed in our partner in the past, we are afraid that it may be the same in each subsequent relationship. This is not a good approach

What is Jealousy? This is a Strange Feeling of Unease

According to the PWN dictionary, jealousy, in the context we’re talking about, is a strong feeling of anxiety that a loved one might betray us. This feeling can reach different levels. It is said that a little jealousy happens in any relationship and should even arise if two people care about each other. There is something in it, because the so-called healthy jealousy can even cement a relationship a little.

The point is that the partners are convinced that they are important to each other. This type of jealousy can come up every now and then. If our other half is attractive to us and we see that others like them (not only physically but also characterologically), we may have a slight feeling of jealousy. There is nothing wrong with that, if after some time this feeling will pass and it will not adversely affect our relationship.

What is Jealousy and Why Does it Appear? It May be The Result of Previous Experiences

A little jealousy can arise in any relationship and can have many causes. One of the reasons for feeling jealous of your partner is our experience so far. If we have been cheated in a previous relationship or our partner has not spent much time on us, we become more sensitive in subsequent relationships. Maybe we have become very disappointed with someone in the past? Maybe someone hurt us and now we are afraid of another suffering? It is known that none of us would like to experience something that caused pain or pain a second time. It’s understandable, but you have to remember that the past is behind us. Our new partner is our present and future to focus on. It is not said that the relationship will end like the last one. If everything is fine between us, it is a pity to destroy it with unjustified jealousy.

Low Self-Esteem

The problem of jealousy then lies mainly in our head, and not in our partner. If a man has a lot of complexes and cannot find too many advantages, he is afraid that his partner perceives him the same. In most cases, however, it turns out that our other half does not focus on our flaws, but on the positive sides. It is important that we begin to see them in ourselves, because excessive searching for FlirtWith.Com negative qualities in ourselves can destroy our relationship. Living in the belief that other people are much better and more attractive than us, we often distance ourselves from our partner through our own fault.

What is Jealousy - How to Make It Not Kill Love?

By telling ourselves that we don’t deserve our loved one, we don’t focus on the ongoing relationship, and we often lose touch with our partner. It is a pity that a good relationship would fall apart for reasons invented in our head. For people with low self-esteem, it is important to talk to and find out the reasons behind these beliefs. It happens that conversations with a loved one are not enough, it is worth consulting a specialist, e.g. a psychologist.

Models Learned From Home

If the parents or grandparents based their relationship on jealousy, jealousy may also appear in our relationship. If you feel jealous once in a while, there’s nothing wrong with that. Conversely, if jealousy takes control of the relationship, you need to start working on it.

One of the slightly extreme causes of jealousy is the so-called Othello’s syndrome. This is a serious disorder that seeks to find reasons for betrayal in the most absurd things. People with Othello see betrayal at almost every step and their jealousy is very morbid and harmful. Most often, this disorder occurs in people addicted to alcohol and can ruin many interpersonal relationships.

What is Jealousy, and When Does it Take Dangerous Forms?

Jealousy occurs in virtually every relationship. It happens, however, that it takes strange and quite dangerous forms. If the feeling of jealousy accompanies us at almost every step, it is a sign that something disturbing is happening. The so-called morbid jealousy leads to situations such as: spying, browsing your partner’s things, checking his phone or e-mail box. Controlling almost every step of the other half takes somewhat obsessive forms, and is certainly not a good thing. It then turns out that we do not trust our partner at all, and such a relationship is not good for either party. These types of behavior often lead to a breakdown in the relationship, not only because of constant jealousy and insecurity, but also because of the frustration of the other person feeling trapped and constantly judged.

As you can see, jealousy has many faces. Sometimes she is a bit playful and has a positive effect on relationships. Other times it can be dangerous and completely unnecessary. A slight feeling of jealousy that appears once in a while can bring partners closer together because they gain confidence that both of them care very much about this relationship. If jealousy occurs frequently and is not justified in any way, it can become dangerous. In any relationship and any expression of emotions, moderation must be found. When the feeling of jealousy is dictated by our previous experiences, it is worth learning to fight the past.

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Things from the past must not be allow to destroy our further life. Which may turn out to be truly happy. With low self-esteem generating jealousy. It’s best to think about solving the problem quickly. It happens, that the problem of lack of self-esteem is deeply root in us and requires the help of a specialist. The sooner we take care of it, the more time we will have to build a good and healthy relationship with our partner. A relationship of two people should be based on mutual trust and it is a pity to lose important relationships due to understatements or unjustified jealousy.

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